Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spewing Negativety

We all know them; the person who just sucks the energy right out of us.  Today, I feel like one of those persons.  I feel like everything that comes out of my mouth is negative.  But maybe it's just because I'm thinking so many negative thoughts.  The rental agency handling our home in Idaho wants us to fix this and that and OH!  There was a nail left above the front door.  We don't seem to be on the same page as our caseworker...or maybe it's because I'm emailing him rather than calling.  Or there's the fact that I gave my employer over a two month notice (my last day is the 16th) and they still haven't posted my position.  Whatever it is, I feel like I'm focusing on all the bad and missing all the good things that are happening.  My yard is starting to green again (turns out, when I turned the water on for the sprinklers, I didn't turn it all the way).  I've got a kid who loves to earn money and therefore takes care of the weeds.  I'm moving in a month to a new experience that I'm so excited for.  So many good things....yet, I'm focused on the fact that the yard work is never done and there are still boxes to be packed and how on earth will I get my house spic n span before we set off.  If there's a positive person out there, I need ya now.  I need emails about that will make me laugh.  I need to see smiles.  I need someone to redirect me without me feeling like a stink bug.  Anybody up for the job?


  1. oh lyndee. i know it is weird to have anything coming from me seeing as how i am part of your stress...BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE!!! remember all those moves we have made? yeah. i only left one place clean. the one we lived in for 3 months with a 2 yr old and a baby. :) one lady charged us 975 bucks to get her house clean. we lived there for 6 months. she ripped us off..but she was right...i couldn't do it all. not even close. the yard will always green back up, no worries! besides...the weeds would just be 10 times worse if they had all the water they wanted anyway. stupid weeds. and that yard is...well...hard. messy. a pain in the ... you know. i just don't want you to have a bad day or week or month or move. i want you to be happy because you are AWESOME. you are a wonderful woman and mother! what a WOMAN YOU ARE!!! i mean that. smile. this move will come and go. and that house will not be any worse for any of it. and there will always be more boxes to pack...so WHO CARES???? ;) tell the rental agency to stick it. call that caseworker. darn it. let him have it if he needs it. crap. i might be doing a crappy job here. just know my heart is with you. i hope when i read this over i don't cringe. sometimes i sound so lame! where is rachel? she makes me laugh every time she writes anything!!!

  2. Oh Miiiiiistyyyyyy........I'm baaaaaack! :D

    Actually, you did a mighty fine job of it there girlfriend! Might fine. Gosh! Where were YOU Misty in all those rental places we lived in? I'd have LOVED renting from YOU! Instead, our first place had the place rockin' and rollin' every Sunday afternoon and it didn't matter if it was cold outside or not, the owners windows were always foggy. Gotta love newly weds..... Unless you are living next door with paper thin walls. Eewwwww GROSS! Trying meeting them outside every afternoon knowing the dreaded Sunday was coming......

    And then the other rental where the guys teenage son would have escapades all night long when his dad would leave for the weekend. When Brennan started teething and cried all night I didn't mind. Pay backs!!!

    And then the last rental place we had the sewer back up right into our apartment. It was bliss. It was great. And all of a sudden rockin' Sunday wasn't so bad.

    Ya know Lyndee....the Tuinei's are gone.......if it were me.......I'd jump the fence when it was all nice and dark and go skinny dippin'!!! No one will know!!! Your day sucks.....go jump in their pool. :D I dare ya!!

  3. Misty, you are not part of the stress. I don't expect you to expect what the agency expected. Our poor tenants, no matter what they did, had the agency say it wasn't good enough. That's discouraging. I'm at library and it closes in 5 minutes. Thanks for good and funny thoughts everyone. Rachel, how long are the Tuini's gone? I might take your advice. heheheh....just thinking about it makes me smile.

  4. A couple of weeks Lyndee! Streak away!!!!!

  5. :D :P ;)

    There are a few smiles for you!

  6. Lyndee, Did you know that you are sunshine even on YOUR cloudy days? You are always quick to smile, make a joke and laugh. I love that about you. It will get better...just keep repeating that and take each day and each stress one day at a time.
    Oh, and eat chocolate. Lots & lots of chocolate!

    PS- I wasn't ignoring you today when I dropped off Shem. My van is so dirty that if the light hits my windows just right I can't see anything! I didn't catch a glimpse of you sitting there until I was gone! Sorry.

  7. Rachel, they are gone for a couple weeks? That really is too much temptation!!

    I appreciated every one of those smiles, Chastina!

    And Natalie, I appreciate you saying that. I do not like to be the Debbie Downer person put I go in spurts. Luckily, I woke up today in a much better place and have been able to focus on good stuff...like what kinds of fun things we want to do in August after we've moved and before school starts. By the way, a chocolate snickers sounds perfect!


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