Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Chapter Ends

You know, I'm not sure how I feel at the moment.  When I loved from Rexburg, I was devastated to be leaving behind some of the greatest friends of my life, but so excited to be heading to Provo for a new adventure.  I didn't cry until my 1st Sunday in my new ward.  The realization that I didn't know anybody hit me...and it hit me hard.  I didn't like the feeling that everybody was staring us wondering if we were getting to know.  My Provo chapter was a difficult one.  Even though I have lots of family relatively close by, our schedules didn't allow for us to get together often.  That's part of life.  It always seemed to be the big events that got us together.
It took several lonely months till I was taken under someone's (many someone's) wings and invited to a "Girl's Night."  What a saving grace this was for me.  It was able to join in on an eclectic group of the funnest ladies.  Last night, they threw me a goodbye party.  As a token of the memories we made, they sent me a framed picture where each and every one of us looks sloshed.  I will prize this picture forever!  (I would have scanned it in, but I've already got that packed.).

Big trials hit our family.  Trials that rocked my boat and threatened to capsize me.  These are things I will be glad to leave in Provo.  I'm  hoping that one day I can look back and see the positive impact those particular hurdles had.  For now, I say ado to all of them. 

On a positive note, I am actually excited to move to Wyoming; words I never thought I'd hear myself utter.  I wonder if I'll always be a wanderer, awaiting my next chapter.  I hope not.  I hope that I can one day feel like I am home.  For now, I'll enjoy the book and just keep reading.  Every page has been an adventure and best seller (whether in tragedy, romance, or just plain good non-fiction).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Clan of Curtis's

Let me just start out by camera is missing and I'm pretty sure I know who has it.  I spent the last couple days in my  No, it's not a town.....Well, I just spent the weekend in the mountains of Upton.  6 out of 7 of the people in my house are sunburned somewhere.  Two of those are Indian.  So that means we got a lot of sun.  I have all kinds of great pictures of us but as I was looking to upload those pictures, I realized that my camera is not here.  So, unless my sweet husband pack the camera with him, it is still in Upton...or somebody else's car.  So here's what I'll do; I'll post old pictures of the same scenery. 
When I uploaded this picture, I didn't realize Shem was crying.  Am I bad mom cause it makes me giggle every time I look away and look back at it.  At this reunion, this pond was full of kyacks and kids.  There were races and splashing and kids swinging into the water from the rope swing.  As soon as the zip line was discovered, kids were climbing the tree and zipping down into the water.  Where were the parents?  We were all under the shade of a tent.  There were 5 out of 6 kids there.  Kristee was the only one missing and that's cause she's in the Dominican Republic.  I don't think I've ever laughed so much.  I will just say, there were discussions (of which I didnot partake in) that I never imagined taking place as a child.  There was talk of receding hairlines--I think I'm still okay and future children (most of us are done) and there was chess.  Did you know it took 5 of us to beat one brother and that was after he already put my sister in checkmate but took it back several moves so we could have another chance.  We had egg olympics.  My oldest two each won a painted noodle medal.  At the end of the day and the 1 1/2 hour drive home, the kids slept and I was able to contemplate the days ahead of sunburns and slivers and how long it might take to recoperate.  Luckily, it's 7:49pm now and all in my house are happy.  We took a while to get there, but we're good.  There will still be some whining (we did get some serious sun) and pealing, but every minute of it was worth it.  I never knew my family could be so fun.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Taking Control

I've gotta say, I can feel myself taking control of my life again.  You know those dreams where you're trying to open your locker but can't remember the combination?  Well, I conquered that years ago.  If you just turn the knob clockwise, all the way around twice, then counter-clockwise once, the clockwise to any number, it will open.  Doesn't matter what numbers you start and end on, it'll open.  Try it in your next dream.  There are little things like this that I've learned, but last night was a major breakthrough.  Are you ready for personal?  If not, better not read on. 

I have dreams where I have to go to the bathroom.  Maaaannnnnyyyyy years ago, I went to the bathroom in my dream and I found out that...well, it wasn't so much a dream.  Now, I have better bladder control.  Well, since having kids, that's not entirely true, but the point is, I haven't been wetting the bed.  Back to the dreams.  In the dreams, I am looking for a bathroom.  Often, I'll find a bathroom (with stalls) but in each stall I check, there's no toilet.  Or, if there is a toilet, there's no door.  Who wants to go to the bathroom with no door?  So, I checked this out on and found out it's because I crave privacy.  I am wanting just me time.  Hello!  With a 4-yr-old contantly climbing on you and kids that feel they need to be touching you in order to have a conversation, this is so very true.  Chris and I often talk about craving a date.  It's harder to find a babysitter for a 13 and 12-yr-old.  My dream last night start ordinary.  I was in Sunday School and I told Chris needed to use the restroom.  I go in and there's someone in the left stall, so I take the other one.  First off, there's no toilet in there.  "No worries," I tell myself, "If you sit down, one will magically appear."  Well, obsticle number 2 showed up and the door wouldn't shut.  Course, I had a door, so that was pretty good.  I told myself, "No worries.  The door will shut."  Guess what!  The lock worked.  So, I sat down...and's my blog so I can say what I want...I PEED!  Well, the toilet did not magically appear.  I walk out of the stall and I had made a mess all over someone's boots.   Mind you, the boots magically appeared in my stall with no feet in them.  They were completely irate over the situation.  So, it may not be perfect, but I'm taking over my life.  And guess what?!!  Chris and I had lunch today with no kids in tow.  It was a most glorious 15 minutes.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spewing Negativety

We all know them; the person who just sucks the energy right out of us.  Today, I feel like one of those persons.  I feel like everything that comes out of my mouth is negative.  But maybe it's just because I'm thinking so many negative thoughts.  The rental agency handling our home in Idaho wants us to fix this and that and OH!  There was a nail left above the front door.  We don't seem to be on the same page as our caseworker...or maybe it's because I'm emailing him rather than calling.  Or there's the fact that I gave my employer over a two month notice (my last day is the 16th) and they still haven't posted my position.  Whatever it is, I feel like I'm focusing on all the bad and missing all the good things that are happening.  My yard is starting to green again (turns out, when I turned the water on for the sprinklers, I didn't turn it all the way).  I've got a kid who loves to earn money and therefore takes care of the weeds.  I'm moving in a month to a new experience that I'm so excited for.  So many good things....yet, I'm focused on the fact that the yard work is never done and there are still boxes to be packed and how on earth will I get my house spic n span before we set off.  If there's a positive person out there, I need ya now.  I need emails about that will make me laugh.  I need to see smiles.  I need someone to redirect me without me feeling like a stink bug.  Anybody up for the job?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Feeling a Litta Curazy!

I'm new to parenting teens.  You all know that.  So...I'm looking for advice from ones who either have teens or work with teens.  My teen and preteen are extremely social and go into depressed mode when they can't "hang with their friends."  My problem.  I don't necessarily trust my teens.  I don't necessarily trust their friends.  So how do I let them not go crazy while still making sure they aren't off doing anything...illegal?  Just "trusting" them is out the door.  These are good kids that aren't used to parental guidance.