Monday, April 5, 2010


 I can be a very laid-back parent.  I let my kids run around the house.  I don't let childish behavior stress me out (well, usually).  However, there are some things I am quite strict about.  Every time my baby gets in a car, they have to be buckled up appropriately.  I've kept them in baby carriers and boosters till they turned 8-yrs-old, no matter how far we traveled.  My logic; I would never regret buckling them in, but I might regret NOT buckling.  I've never been sorry for my decision.  I also make them wear a helmet when riding their bikes and scooters.  It doesn't take much time to strap up the helmet.  It doesn't inconvenience me.  I figure, these are good habits to learn now while they are young.  I do let them climb trees and go swimming and do kid things, but I usually like to take certain precautions before hand.  Thinking about how I'm raising my children, here in the western United States, I can't help but wonder what others do.  Even in my own neighborhood, there are many things we do differently.  Yet, for all of us, we love our children and want to help them succeed.

I'm a BzzAgent and have been given this clip.  It comes out Mother's Day and it is something I would love to watch with all my children.  It's something that I know we would all enjoy.  Take a look at the clip and let me know what you think.
Kids are my passion and if you've been reading my blog for a little bit, you'll know that I've always been interested in maybe one day having my own international family.  .


  1. oh...that was SO CUTE!!!!! How interesting. Very good. Glad you shared that.

  2. i agree with you on the safety measures. it's getting the hubby to comply when I'm not around.

  3. I want to see it...if not with my kids, perhaps a Girls night out?!

  4. Love the clip. I've always felt the same as you as far as car seats go.......the bike helmets......I'm not so good at.......

  5. This would be a fun one to watch for a girl's night! And the bike helmets? I've considered making them wear them while climbing trees, and playing in the back yard, and taking baths...and....etc...etc...etc...So, I could be worse.


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