Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where does all that Water Go?

You would not believe the amount of melting that is going on in Utah County.  And the blue skies?  I'm in heaven (I am now mentally breaking out in song).  So, with all that melting, a person can't help but wonder where all that water goes to.  The ground is fairly frozen still.....I don't see steam rising from the roads.  I'll tell you where all that water is going--into my driveway.  I've been emptying it by the garbage can LOADS and then Chris discovered it.  The run-off....it's all running into the crevis at the mouth of our driveway.  Is it a lost cause?  Do I just let the sun do it's job and up it finished before the next freeze?  Nah--I'm building charactor....and plenty of muscle (I can feel it!).

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