Monday, January 25, 2010

Raving Lunatic

Does this ever happen to you?  Someone says something that you disagree with?  Not just disagree, but more of a, I find it amazing we're still friends when you could be so (looking for big word, but can't spell it) inherently wrong?  Being of the mindset that I am and living where I do, it happens to me more often than my sensitivities would like.  I often wonder to myself, why do they not understand?  Am I really the only one who knows what would make the world perfect?  That's when I have my moment of understanding.  Yes, I am right, but this is an imperfect world with imperfect people and if everyone knew what I  knew and understood like I understand, it would no longer remain imperfect.  So, kids, I'll give up this fight for now.  Go ahead and watch another "kid show."  You don't need to put away your toys first.  Skip the chores.  Who needs them?  Remain in your stench and filth.  I'll just go to my happy place on the computer.


  1. well isn't fair being vague...who is talkin' bad stuff to you???

    kid shows are the bomb. tmnt is the show of choice at the moment.

    chores are only good every once in a while it is true...otherwise it just gets old. ;)

  2. It's facebook. People say the darndest things and I am often so stunned that I can't think of anything witty enough to reply back with.


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