Sunday, January 3, 2010

Self Loathers

Self-loathing--why do we do it?  Why are there so many pictures of our kids and so little of us?  I guess I AM the one taking the pictures.  When we are asked in an interview or essay to list the qualities about ourself that qualify us to a particular something, why is that so hard?  To be honest, I'm my biggest fan.  I'm not so much a self-loather.  If anything, I over-estimate my many skills.  "Wow, Lyndee!  You are so awesome!  I bet everybody wishes they could be a mom just like you!" or "Lyndee, you look fantastic today.  How did you get your hair to go just so?"  When that list goes around in Relief Society asking you to check all your skills, I find myself checking a lot of boxes; not so much because I'm an expert.  More because I'm willing.  Hope they weren't wanting a pro.  I hate to cook, but I have no qualms teaching others how to do it.  So what's the bigger evil?  Self-loathing or over-estimation of self?  I guess we all have things we're working on.

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  1. of course it is self-loathing! because i am so lame...i do that way to much...wink wink...yeah...we are all workin' on somethin'!


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