Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby, Anyone?

Shem has been a lover of babies since he was a baby.  He was asking for another sibling from the moment he could talk.  I used to tell Chris that since Shem asked so much, we'd have to rely on Todd to know when it was time for another baby.  Fast forward 6 years and we've got a 5-yr-old (holy crud, that just hit me--Todd was 5 when this 5-year-old was born)....give me a second...I'm digesting this realization....

Fast forward....Geneva's school assignment to answer a few questions:
Meet Me
My name is Geneva.
I like to play with my baby sister.
My facorite color is Purple.
I can put my baby sister asleep by myself.

I am no longer using my kids as indicators of when it's time for another baby.  That's why we have neighbors, family, and friends.  We can borrow their babies.  I will say, Shem has been asking me to advertize this for a while now, so let him know that I told everybody that I know...that Shem is starting a baby daycare.  It's just $.20/hr.  Or if you want to leave them for the weekend, it's $2.00 a day.  He's been pushing me to make fliers just hasn't happened yet.  It's a full care center.  He'll change diapers (not sure if he's ever changed a diaper before), hold them, play with them, feed them, and if he can stand it, will even put the baby down for a nap. For a kid who loves all things boy, he sure is lovable.  I know, you're thinking, just have a baby and make this kids day; you already have a nanny.  I say to you, I appreciate my sleep too much and love that I have kids that can feed themselves and bathe themselves.  As cute as a baby is, I'm good.   Besides, why have a baby when we can take care of your's?


  1. LOL. love this post! how funny and cute!!! ;)

  2. Thats how we got Brooke. Jace kept telling me that Weston missed his little sister. For a while after Brooke was born I thought that if she asked for a baby that maybe we would. She never did and in fact someone asked her if she wanted a little brother or sister and she told them no she is the baby. So I am off the I will be waiting for an annoucement:) Besides there can't be all that much going on in good ol WY anyway.....teeheee!!

  3. I hear those long winter evenings in WY are good for big families. :D

  4. You guys are funny. I'll let you know if the status changes.

  5. this was cute. I think its important that when planning your family you do whats good for the whole family, mom included. Every family is different and has different needs.


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