Thursday, May 6, 2010

Costco--the True Self Comes Out

Most of us have had this experience.  The big bulk warehouse store.  We go in with our mega carts and carefully weave around 60 in. HD televisions, orphaned children, and clothes abandoned carelessly in the middle of the aisle.  We go in hopes of stocking up on our supplies so we won't have to experience this particular form of torture for at least a month.

Then there's my family.  We go just for the samples and maybe pick up some milk and bananas while we're there.  No matter how prepared I try making myself, it's never enough for the chaos that meets me.  I patiently wait for my sample (it'll be just another 3minutes).  2 minutes left, it's just me and my cart, kids and husband in tow.  1 minute left, a father with 3 kids carefully wedges in front of my cart.  5 seconds left, the bees are swarming.  1 minute later, my hands are bare and my stomach is still empty.  How did that happen?  I was so good and was waiting very nicely.  I wait for the second batch.  The same thing happens, except this time, two of my children were quick enough to make a grab.  By now the demonstrator is starting to feel bad for me.  The next batch, she holds the tray over to my family and lets us get first dibs.  All this for a small morsel?!! 

My last experience at Costco was probably my best.  I told myself I could wait and it would be okay; I'd eventually get the sample.  It also allowed me to find joy in my experience.  There is nothing funner than watching a 60-yr-old man push a 10-yr-old out of his way to make sure there was still a sample for him.  It's interesting to see humans at their most barbaric.  Have you ever been in a car and honked at someone who cut you off and then realized it was your child's teacher?  Okay, that hasn't happened to me, but it could.  We allow ourselves to turn into these vicious creatures with no regard for the next person because we need our slice of sausage (it WAS good sausage).  From now on, I will allow Costco to be my social experiment.  If you wait long enough, there will be someone worth watching; the one that sees that you've been waiting and will hand deliver your sample.  I realize that nobody is at their best when they are hungry, but being at Costco, it was a small glimpse into some people's trues selves.  It's the ones that let my kids get a cookie slice before they took one for themselves that lead me to believe it's all going to be okay.  There are plenty of ugly people out there, but there are also plenty of beauties.  Find those ones and it'll all be good. Don't waste your emotions on the others.   


  1. Teeheee.....thats funny. You made my day!

  2. So funny and true! My husband HATES going to Costco because everyone swarms those tables, leaving their cart in the middle of the aisle blocking traffic.

  3. So so true! I try to avoid the sample tables and bringing any children that may want a sample because it makes my shopping trip twice as long! But then again I guess it really depends on what the sample is... :)

  4. I have never seen a swarm like that at the Costco here. Yet another reason VT is next to perfect.

  5. LOL! I love it. Oh Costco. And human nature. And sausage....(I know what sausage you be talkin' bout.)


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