Sunday, May 19, 2013

Viva! Las Vegas

I have my first teaching position lined up.


I never would have imagined I would move to Las Vegas, but I am surprisingly excited.  My oldest, who has  loved living in Casper and made some amazing friends, is the one researching all that Las Vegas has to offer. He has even picked his high school.

My middle child is thrilled to be going to the home place of his hero.

And my youngest is just excited.

Me?  I am headed to 


I am SO excited!  I will be teaching in an accelerated 1st grade classroom,working with an amazing principal and great teachers.  

Okay, and I am also excited about all the awesome things Las Vegas has to offer.



And who can forget the fact that I am only 4 hours away from Disney Land and the beach and Universal Studios and many of California's wonders.  AND, I will still be relatively close to family.  We look forward to visits from family and friends and hope that you know that we have an open door policy and LOVE visitors!  See you there!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Substitute Teacher

I am finally in the system, I am officially a substitute teacher.  My first job was at a school within walking distance of my home.  If was for half day, which I figured would help ease me into substituting.  I checked my messages during first recess and discovered the school my children go to needed a substitute for the afternoon.  How could I not take it?!!  I called the school to make sure the time would work and I was set to go.  It is kinda different being paid to teach now...not that I have seen a paycheck and when I do, it will not be terribly large BUT I AM getting paid, so YEA!  Substitute teaching is harder than having a steady classroom to go to.  I do not know the students and they do not know me.  Students often act a bit rowdier and the teacher has to focus additional time on behavior.  BUT, it is a step closer to my goal and I will take it!