Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Substitute Teacher

I am finally in the system, I am officially a substitute teacher.  My first job was at a school within walking distance of my home.  If was for half day, which I figured would help ease me into substituting.  I checked my messages during first recess and discovered the school my children go to needed a substitute for the afternoon.  How could I not take it?!!  I called the school to make sure the time would work and I was set to go.  It is kinda different being paid to teach now...not that I have seen a paycheck and when I do, it will not be terribly large BUT I AM getting paid, so YEA!  Substitute teaching is harder than having a steady classroom to go to.  I do not know the students and they do not know me.  Students often act a bit rowdier and the teacher has to focus additional time on behavior.  BUT, it is a step closer to my goal and I will take it!


  1. Hi this is Taylee from Mr. Becker's class. I just got a new computer for my birthday and one of the first things I wanted to do was check out your blog. I hope you have a good time being a substitute, maybe even back at our school. That would be fun!

    1. I LOVED subbing back at Bar Nunn! What a wonderful school year it has been!

  2. LOL! I can't believe how hard you've worked for this. I am so happy for you! oh BTW, my blog is not listed in my profile. It is

    I hope you get your dream job in teacher.:)

  3. hi miss hen this is talee mister beckers class I just to say hi my life is going great and I just found out these a spider in my room so type to my when you can.


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