Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby, Anyone?

Shem has been a lover of babies since he was a baby.  He was asking for another sibling from the moment he could talk.  I used to tell Chris that since Shem asked so much, we'd have to rely on Todd to know when it was time for another baby.  Fast forward 6 years and we've got a 5-yr-old (holy crud, that just hit me--Todd was 5 when this 5-year-old was born)....give me a second...I'm digesting this realization....

Fast forward....Geneva's school assignment to answer a few questions:
Meet Me
My name is Geneva.
I like to play with my baby sister.
My facorite color is Purple.
I can put my baby sister asleep by myself.

I am no longer using my kids as indicators of when it's time for another baby.  That's why we have neighbors, family, and friends.  We can borrow their babies.  I will say, Shem has been asking me to advertize this for a while now, so let him know that I told everybody that I know...that Shem is starting a baby daycare.  It's just $.20/hr.  Or if you want to leave them for the weekend, it's $2.00 a day.  He's been pushing me to make fliers just hasn't happened yet.  It's a full care center.  He'll change diapers (not sure if he's ever changed a diaper before), hold them, play with them, feed them, and if he can stand it, will even put the baby down for a nap. For a kid who loves all things boy, he sure is lovable.  I know, you're thinking, just have a baby and make this kids day; you already have a nanny.  I say to you, I appreciate my sleep too much and love that I have kids that can feed themselves and bathe themselves.  As cute as a baby is, I'm good.   Besides, why have a baby when we can take care of your's?

Friday, September 10, 2010


You know the scenario.  Your child comes up to you in a high pitched whine and proclaims their boredom status.  And you, being the parent you are, tells them that you can think of plenty of things for them to do....clean their bedroom, wipe off the table, mow the lawn, etc...etc...  I am ashamed to say this....but I am bored.  I don't want to unpack any more boxes.  I'm sick of hammering in nails and arranging pictures.  There's nothing on t.v. to watch.  My book is lame.  What am I to do?  I had all these hopes of things I would do with my free time.  I was going to tackle some of those fun projects that I never had time for.  Instead, I check my clock every couple minutes, looking forward to the sound of the door knob turning and the loud voices that come with it, proclaiming, "I'm bored."