Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I Blog

I was recently "challenged" on my blogging style.  Told that my monologuing  perhaps contained things that shouldn't be out there for everyone to see.  While my feelings were deeply wounded, it has lead me to serious reflection and this is what I have come up with. 

There are various types of blogging.  Some teach you how to do something (I love Craftaholics Anonymous).  Chris belongs to blogs of discussion (for the intellictually gifted).  There are the blogs that give you snippits into someone's daily life (many of my friends, and family members).  Some choose to share the funny moments (think diaper in the dryer).  In my blog, I have chosen to share who I am. 
                                                           My kids are a part of that.
My husband is a part of that.

(isn't he cute?!!)
My education, my employment, my experiences, my family.

(this is minus several key members of the family (ie, Chad's family and my mom and dad)
They are all a part of why I have become who I am.

So how has that all come together?  So many random thoughts run through my head daily, each minute, and it feels SO good to have an outlet for it.  All you other bloggers probably understand what I'm saying.  What goes into is who I am.  I love that my grandchildren will be able to see a snippet who a part of me really is.  It's so much funner than journalling because I can instantly add those visuals.   I'm not afraid to post pictures (I've got plenty of bad ones), because the good, the bad, it's all part of me.
(though, one should consider completely cleaning the makeup off if they are gonna go all natuRAL).

When you're reading some of those bits of randomness, I hope it allows you a little glimpse into who I am.  I am a complex individual with simple thoughts.


  1. I love reading the different types of blogs. I enjoy your blogging style. A while ago I was thinking a similar thing, I was amazed how so many people can write so descriptively. I, on the other hand, am more of a short and sweet writer.

  2. Do you have a blog? I am SO pro-blogging now and have slowly been figuring out how to follow other bloggers. I have really loved it!

  3. well, i love your blog and i love to see how differently people choose to blog. it is ALL good! and i think we are old enough to decide what content will be on our own dang blogs. how weird. why do some people have to have an opinion on the strangest things?

  4. And if they don't like it, please don't read it. I won't know any different and nobody's feelings will be hurt.

  5. Blogs are funny in that they are like a journal that we let people read. Very personal, yet public. I like your blog. It has helped me reconnect and know you as an adult/mother/wife/member of the church etc...keep it up!

  6. Thanks, Lauren! I totally agree with the journal aspect. Plus, it really is fun. Now here's my problem...I've tried putting your blog on my list but it doesn't like it. How annoying! Guess I can copy and paste.

  7. Lyndee, So well put! After our little chat yesterday I don't have much else to say other than "It's your blog. And you can do with it what you like!" Plus, did I tell you I really like what you do with it? Keep it up!

  8. Thank you, Natalie! I like praise. I thrive on compliments. I will keep doing what I do. I do feel much more mentally strong than I did before I started this and if that's the only benefit I get from it, that would be enough (though, there's much more than that!).


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